Get clear on what’s important to you
and what you most desire from your next job.

2020 has been a year that brought uncertainty for many of our clients, friends and family, disrupted and worried for their jobs caused by something out of their control. 

This is your opportunity to take back control and influence your next career move.  

We all have the ability to up-level and apply for jobs that suit our strengths and that we really enjoy!   We don’t have to ‘make do’ with a job where we’re not appreciated or, we feel underwhelmed because we’re unhappy in our work.   

Begin 2021 with more clarity and the confidence to find your next role.


This 90 minute coaching session is perfect if you …


1. Were planning on making a career move and Covid stopped you from taking the leap

2. Would like a career change and you don’t know what the next thing is

3. Would like to be more confident to go for that job promotion 

4. Would like to work for a company that is more aligned with who you are

5. Lack the self-belief and confidence to make a career change or successfully get through an interview

6. Have lost motivation for the job you’re doing and believe there is something better out there that you would love to be doing

“I prepare you to believe in your individual qualities and

how you will truly add value to a future employer.”

Sue Coles - Influence My Future. Helping you become a resilient, resourceful role-model

Hello - I'm Sue Coles

I am the founder of Influence My Future and I’ve been coaching leaders in global businesses and recruiting and developing the next generation of talent across a variety of industries for over 20 years.   

I’ve spent time searching for talented people who stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.  

I’ve interviewed and assessed men and women for talent management programmes
and reviewed 1000's of CVs for global businesses across a variety of industries.

I’ve also developed business owners and leaders to present with confidence on stage and camera in the UK and Europe.

I’m passionate about employability, self development and empowering my clients to communicate with authenticity, secure their ideal job and balance success with fulfilment.

I know what it’s like to be in a job I don’t enjoy and I’ve faced redundancy 3 times and survived to tell the tale. 

I made my first big leap when I was 16. I went from working in a florist when I left college to working in customer service for one of the largest UK banks.   I was so nervous before the interview at the bank and yet, pushing past those nerves got me the job and I never looked back.

The company became the 3rd largest global bank and I regularly applied for jobs, working my way up in retail and commercial banking to management level.   

I worked at a regional level dealing with corporate and head office complaints before becoming a personal skills trainer travelling the UK.   I coached leaders and staff in customer experience, sales and coaching for the UK branch network. 

It was when I was served redundancy notice for a 3rd time that I applied for a role working in talent management in Canary Wharf.

I became responsible for HSBC's largest UK graduate management programme, where I recruited & developed 150 graduates per year on to a two-year scheme.  We achieved a top 10 ranking in the 'Times Top 100 Graduate Employers' which had never been achieved before.  I’m aware of what makes someone stand out from the crowd and I know how your transferrable skills will suit other roles you apply for.

What our clients like about what we do

You're an outstanding coach who really cares about your client's success and have practical business knowledge to help people succeed in the real world. Your help in crafting my career experience into a more impactful format, helped me gain confidence on all the great things I had achieved and previously overlooked.

Greg, 4-week Coaching Programme

I really cannot thank you enough for the way you've helped me to be in a more fulfilling and happy place in my life.  As you know, I was feeling low as a result of the bullying at work and I am much stronger, personally, now.  You helped me to realise my key skills and strengths, some of which I hadn't realised I had.  The different strategies gave me the strength to hand in my resignation and work my notice in a positive way.  I'm enjoying my new job.  I now have the hours and days I wanted to work.  Thank you so much!

Valerie, 1-1 Coaching

I really, honestly cannot thank you enough for your support for the Women into Business initiative.  You were, as always, fantastic.  Everyone I spoke to said how much they had enjoyed the event and that they had found your talk insightful and inspirational.

Employability Consultant, Brunel University