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We’re inspiring the next generation of male and female leaders to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. 

Master your personal brand and be confident enough to communicate with authenticity and successfully navigate your next professional move, that’s more aligned with who you are.

With our programmes and 1-1 coaching you'll master the strategies that give you the freedom to choose how you'll influence the next chapter in your life!

Now, more than ever, we need people like you to inspire and influence those
around you
and be the example our world needs.

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All the resources you need to help build a more resilient, resourceful mindset


We have put together a selection of free resources to help you face situations we can find ourselves in from time to time.   These strategies and tools will give you an insight into techniques that will help you become more confident in your working and personal life.

The Podcast

Listen to the 'Inspiring Role Models' podcast where we review influential high performers and share our insights into what makes them successful role models. Learn how to translate and incorporate the same strategies into your life so you too can be an inspiring role model to others.  

Our podcast helps us all to model some of the great role models around in the world
Read our latest articles and insights from the Influence My Future team - Helping you to develop a more resilient, resourceful mindset

Blog Articles and Insights

We share our experiences and insights on a variety of subjects so you too can learn the strategies that have helped to inspire and improve the lives of many of our clients.  
Get inspired and read more here.

Our Programmes

Our online programmes and one to one coaching are designed with you in mind, to empower you to Speak Up, Be Seen and Make an Impact.  We use proven strategies that gives you the confidence to say yes to new opportunities, become an inspiring role model and live a more fulfilling life.

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